BBQ After Hours (limited tickets) - Braxton's Kitchen
BBQ After Hours (limited tickets) - Braxton's Kitchen
Braxton's Kitchen

BBQ After Hours (limited tickets)

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Welcome to our 2nd After Hours Event - Braxton’s After Hours BBQ!! Purchase a dinner option below to join us at our 2nd After Hours Event BBQ Edition - Saturday September 24, 2022 6:00PM - 9:00PM PST [Limited Seats / Tickets, First Come First Serve]

We've teamed up with Chef James who has developed a craving for serving “healthy California cuisine” for the past decade. While only recently looking to integrate Pit Boss Kyle’s hearty southern bbq into the mix, Chef James’ goal is to blend these two styles and create a “fresh comfort food” that will strive to please all!

4 Dinner Options:
Option 1: Juicy Blackened Chicken breast w/ 2 sides $16
Option 2: Tender Pulled Pork w/ 2 sides $17
Option 3: Brisket Dinner w/ 2 sides $18
- 10oz of Texas style brisket, flat and point
Option 4: Brisket + Choice of Chicken or Pork, 2 sides & cornbread $30
-10oz of sliced brisket, flat and point
-10oz of pulled pork OR blackened chicken breast

BBQ Bahn Mi Sandwhich: pulled pork, carrots, cilantro, cucumber, sake bbq sauce, on bricohe roll $16
Blackened Chicken Bowl: creamy charred corn salsa, blackened chicken, smashed potatoes, honey jalepeno cornbread $16

A La Carte Items:
1 lb of Brisket with homemade BBQ Sauce $19
8oz brisket point
8oz brisket flat
1 lb of Pulled Pork with homemade BBQ Sauce $16
1 lb of blackened chicken $15
Dessert: Fresh Fruit Tarts $6

Side Options: (These will be available to choose day of):
-Honey Jalapeño Corn Bread w/ Maple Mustard Butter $4
-Crispy smashed Potatoes w/ mojo cilantro sauce. $5
-Cider Vinegar Slaw 8oz $4
-Creamy Mac n Cheese 8oz $5